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  • OAuth2 as signup method
  • New translation: Dutch


  • Upload multiple images for post and add image descriptions
  • Block user
  • Report user
  • Create Calendar entry from post text


  • Create event
  • Delete event
  • New sorting of conversations


  • Fix reply in Friendica 3/2022 version due to API bug
  • Image downloads work again
  • Some additional emojis


  • Search for new contacts (hashtags, names)
  • Filter contacts
  • many new emojis
  • Replaced Favorite button with Reply button due to buggy Favourite API
  • Rebuild contacts handling due to buggy Contacts API
  • Removed permissions for new messages due to buggy Contacts API
  • Sync all accounts in background (not only active)


  • Dark theme
  • Account Page: list of largest servers for server field
  • Settings page: Tabs for different settings
  • Conversation opens on short click on news item
  • Linux: Option to Autostart on System start


  • Follow and Unfollow contacts (Friendica 2021.07 required)
  • Linux: App stays in systemtray after close, syncs in background
  • bugfix for bulk image upload and download of public images
  • bugfix for conversations in timeline


  • Add requestLegacyExternalStorage in AndroidManifest for attachment permissions
  • Refresh timeline on start for Linux
  • DropArea bugfix for Flatpak


  • New language: Hungarian thank to urbalazs (https://www.urbalazs.hu)
  • Multiple photos in post open in separate slideshow
  • Layout redesign
  • Adaptive sidebar
  • Sync Friendship Requests, approve/deny/ignore requests
  • Events: show upcoming events below calendar
  • Linux: Drag&Drop for new messages and photo upload
  • Linux: Remember app size


  • Implementation of new events API (incl. sync and notification) for Friendica version >= 20.03
  • Indentation to see replied to newsitem for conversation view
  • News view type config moved from account page to config page
  • Simplification of account page on first start
  • Bugfixes


  • Redesign of news item
  • Background sync for Android >8.0
  • Bugfixes


  • Videos open in full screen
  • Youtube videos open in app
  • Option to minimize #nsfw post
  • Rotate image in messageSend component


  • Redesign due to QML Components 1 being deprecated in Qt 5.12: Slideview for News, left Drawer for Settings, message creation in listview header
  • Android Notifications for News, DMs, Replies
  • Global app config separated from account config


  • Background sync for friends timeline (interval on config page must be > 0) for Android > 5
  • Replies timeline
  • Bugfix: App asks for storage permission on first start


  • Direct message creation from profile page works again
  • Profile image upload works again
  • Viewing private album pictures of contacts works again
  • On first start servername from https://dir.friendica.social/servers/surprise selected
  • Register button opens webview of registration page on server


  • Update for OpenSSL and At
  • Experimental support for Peertube (links are expanded to video widget)
  • Some Unicode emojis
  • Redesign of contact details (click on contact opens in new stack and shows last news)


  • For news containing url ending with mp3, mp4, avi, webm, ogg: media can be played in app
  • Pictures can be renamed or moved to another album
  • Bugfix: random crashes for conversations
  • Bugfix: attach image to message works again
  • Bugfix: check for nickname on Server has been removed due to API change


  • By popular demand: Conversations open in a new stack, like in Twidere
  • Conversations open after (long) press on news, like in Twidere
  • Image attachments are shown below text and can be enlarged, like in Twidere (solves issue #8)
  • New messages are html, line breaks work (solves issue #7)


  • Fix for issue 6
  • Refactoring of news part
  • Search button for news
  • Click on hashtag in newsitem starts search for news with that word
  • Public timeline
  • Timeline for selected group
  • Small redesign of SendMessage page


  • Fix for issue 5
  • Link to list of public server on Config Tab
  • Small redesign of SendMessage page
  • Intents for texts/urls (Send text or url from everywhere to create message)


  • Fix for issue 4
  • Fix for Friendica issue 4689
  • Long posts are automatically truncated
  • Intents for pictures (Send one image from gallery: attach to message, send multiple images: upload to album)



  • Profile image download completely reworked, resulting in speed improvement


  • New profile tab, data of public and private profiles shown
  • Change profile picture
  • For friends image button shows private images thanks to new remoteAuth API (Friendica 3.6 server required) --> private holiday pictures have finally arrived!
  • For friends calendar button shows private events thanks to new remoteAuth API (Friendica 3.6 server required)
  • News button for forum accounts shows news published via that forum


  • Complete rework of image download, fixes bug with private images
  • Download all or only new images


  • Check if nickname exist on server
  • Check if password is correct
  • Account deletion now also removes news, image data and events from local db


  • Italian thanks to Davide de Prisco


  • FIX: Include openssl v1.0.2m for SSL connections in Android v7 and above


  • FIX: Spanish translation
  • FIX: Empty Newsview after deletion of first newsitem



  • Native Android image selector for new message
  • Click on contacts shows contact details on news page
  • Fix problem with news list after deletion of item


  • Clean contacts with no news


  • Upload pictures with description to album (permissions cannot be set due to API problems)
  • Delete pictures or albums from client and server (long press on picture in overview)
  • Fix problem when enlarging photo


  • German, Spanish